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Goloka International Hairstylist

ONE HIT Wonder is the first collection of the team of Goloka Creators stylists, a statement of intentions ready to break with the established this spring-summer 2020. Irreverent, indiscreet, something extravagant and countercultural. And only. A first and exceptional success.

Ph: Juan de la Jota
Make-up: Sara Delpon
Stylist: Tina Kun - Patricia Veira


Adrian Gutierrez International Hairstylist

The inspiration came from a smashup of different textures of the 1940's an 1970's with waves of afro texture to create an eclectic modern vibe

Ph: Damien Carney
Make-up: Joanne Gair
Stylist: Nikko Kefalas


Luigi Martini International Hairstylist

Find put the latest hair collection, called “Woow ”, made by “ Luigi Martini ” international hairstylist from ITA

Ph: Mauro Mancioppi
Make-Up: Chiara Artini, Alessandra Burali, Chiara Martini, Camilla Sensi
Stylist:  Giacomo Dini


Salon International returns to ExCel London from 10-12 October 2020 to support the hairdressing industry after a challenging year

salon international 2020

Salon International is back doing what it does best: celebrating the art, talent and community of hairdressing and reaffirming the business value of the industry.

With British hairdressing widely accepted as the best in the world, Salon International has long been at its heart. And, while the last few months have seen business put on hold, the coronavirus lockdown has also seen hairdressing in the spotlight more than ever, as clients across the country realised just how much they relied on professionals to make them look good and feel fantastic.

Salon International takes place at ExCeL London from 10th – 12th October 2020

Now, as salons prepare to reopen there are new challenges; from running a safe, socially-distanced salon to finding creative solutions for clients and teams.  Such creative solutions are found by joining together.  Salon International returns to help the industry to navigate this new landscape and provide a platform of inspiration for salons and hairdressers to boost their business in a post-lockdown world with education, trends and products to put them ahead of the game.

SALON INTERNATIONAL LONDON 2020 : a Celebration of Colour

Colour has always been the biggest profit driver for salons, and in a post lockdown world it’s more important than ever. Salons will be facing drastic root regrowth and colour corrections galore and reassessing clients who have decided to grow out their greys gracefully during three months at home. With this in mind, Salon International will, this year, feature its first ever bespoke Colour Stage: a dedicated stage with open prep area and a schedule of education and experts talking about all aspects of the colour business. The show will also welcome colour houses from across the world as exhibitors, from big names to indie brands offering something new.

Colour has always been big business for salons and that’s never been more true than now, when clients are desperate to get back to the salon. Going forward, salons will need to think creatively about the colour services they offer, the products they’re using and how they can continue to provide dynamic and exciting results for clients. That’s why we’re putting colour at the heart of Salon International this year, with more education and inspiration than ever. Our guest artists and brands will be providing no shortage of creative solutions and ideas, from the commercial colour business through to inspirational looks, all of which reminds hairdressers why they love what they do!

Jayne Lewis-Orr, Executive Director of Salon International

Safety Measures for Salon International 2020

The Salon International team continues to consult as the event approaches to ensure the most up to date measures are in place. The team will implement changes steered by Government requirements along with ExCeL London and industry expert advice.

studio 48 ravenna

Opening per il Salone STUDIO 48

Inaugurazione con brindisi e feste nel Salone ravennate ( Via Baracca 43 Lugo - RAVENNA) diretto da ANDREA FABBRI, hairstylist e consulente d’immagine diplomato presso la prestigiosa Lookmaker Academy sita all’interno del quadrilatero della moda di Milano

La filosofia aziendale ha preso una direzione chiara: salute e bellezza sono i cardini sui quali si fonda la ricerca artistica del Salone e la bellezza è in primis il risultato della salute.

La salute dei capelli si raggiunge infatti attraverso l’uso esclusivo di prodotti di altissima qualità: ecco perché STUDIO 48 si propone come Consulente d'Immagine, cogliendo la vera essenza dell’essere umano nella sua unicità, al fine di esaltare i punti forti e nascondere i punti deboli di ognuno.

STUDIO 48 è sulla TOP HAIRSTYLISTS 2020 !!


Sebastian Curyło International Hairstylist

This Collection, it is an artistic expression of today’s world issues. MENTAL is an answer to pursuit of perfection, strongly created by addictive Social Media. It is a reaction to the desire for money, contamination of the natural environment and the time which slips through our hands uncontrollably.

Ph: Mateusz Bortlik
Team Curyło: Ewelina Brożek, Justyna Biskup,
Izabella Pietruszka-Kluska, Barbara Sędłak
Stylist: Anna Nowak-Curyło
Make-up: Klaudia Regiec
Backstage photographer: Jakub Lichorobiec
Models: Anastasiia Radko, Marta Robak,
Malwina Strządała, Marianna Skupień


NATURAL HP presenta in ESCLUSIVA la GAMMA di PRODOTTI che assicura pulizia e profonda igiene dell'ambiente e della persona, aiutando a rimuovere con efficacia germi, batteri e muffe


LA LINEA di PRODOTTI comprende:

  • GEL MANI IGIENIZZANTE Flacone 1000 ml con dispenser dispenser codice 6002
  • GEL MANI IGIENIZZANTE Flacone 500 ml con dispenser dispenser codice 6009
  • TOP WATER Flacone 250 ml con dispenser spray codice 6005
  • SPRAY IGIENIZZANTE Flacone 250 ml con dispenser spray codice 6004
  • IGIENIZZANTE LAVA MANI Flacone 500 ml tappo tip top codice 6003
  • PAVIM AMMONIO Detergente pavimenti tanica 5 Litri codice 6008
  • RICARICA TOP WATER IG. per superfici tanica 5 Litri codice 6010
  • TOP WATER IG. per superfici Flacone 500 ml con mini-trigger codice 6007
  • PURE AIR IG. agli oli essenziali Flacone 200 ml con dispenser spray codice 6006
  • SPRAY MANI IGIENIZZANTE Flacone 100 ml pratico in spray codice 6011.

Richiedi Maggiori Informazioni. info@globelife.com

NATURAL HP è un BRAND premiato
che si è meritato
l’inserimento fra
i 100 migliori prodotti
scelti da BEAUTY BAZAR 2020

Sarah Clements & Rachel White International Hairstylists
Sarah Clements & Rachel White International Hairstylists

Find put the latest hair collection, called “Avone Gorge, Bristol ”, made by “ Sarah Clements & Rachel White” international hairstylist from UK

Ph: Bethany Aldred
Make-up: Destiny Linwood
Stylist: Sarah Clements & Rachel White


Trizzi Team International Hairstylist

La collezione LIFE P/E 2020 di Trizzi team è un inno alla vitalità. Caratterizzata da morbidezze che prepotentemente si impongono nella scena della moda, la collezione Life è cangiante e animata da dinamismo: movimento incessante e necessario. In accordo perfetto con i colori, la collezione LIFE P/E 2020 non risparmia colori caldi e freddi in una ricerca continua di nuance inesplorate.

Ph: Marcello Bocchieri
Make-up: Erica Santoro
Stylist:  “saks” Ragusa



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